SuzieBannion Porn


Languages: en,fr,es,pt
Location: United States
Audio: true
Height: 62
Weight: 124
Body Type: average
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Sexual Orientation: bi
Race: hispanic
Brests: 24b
Shaved?: trimmed
Waist-Hip: 36 - 36
love a handsome guy, im absolute teaser, and when they cum with my body takin a sight of it a lot of men go crazy inmeadiatly so i become inmediatly a pleaser, so take advantage of it don be a fool

I love men in general and when theay are unique or got something to make them satand off , im also love when they make me do things and praise my body, Im aware of my big beautiful tits and i know how to make you cum with them i know a lot about how to use my tits on a man, i also love a good riding, and besides that i love to be taken doggy and I am as pleasing as you can get it, when i like a guy o give some kind of curiosity i become a whore, i said it without any shame jaj


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