KristallSP Porn


Languages: en,fr,es,it
Location: 276842647
Audio: true
Height: 63
Weight: 128
Body Type: average
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Sexual Orientation: bi
Race: hispanic
Brests: 36b
Shaved?: trimmed
Waist-Hip: 24 - 36
I have a beautiful body that goes crazy with mischief, I want you to guide me to lose myself in a game of seduction, dirty words and gestures that stimulate me until I lose control, I want to see you having an ejaculation!

In my show you will find mutual satisfaction, pleasure in each show, we will explore our bodies to orgasm, I invite you to Play in my madness, that we lose ourselves between sex and passion. Seduction games (flexibility, dance, eroticism) I will take you to the most pleasant, you will enjoy my fluids, I will make you have an erection after another while you see the humidity of my vagina and listen to my moans of emotion.


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